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HR And Its People is a firm focused on providing solutions to move businesses and their people to new heights, helping them achieve better results. We are focused on three business areas – a knowledge marketplace place, an online academy, and the consultancy arm.

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Who We Are

Driving businesses to success - Improving business and employee performance

HR And Its People is aimed at closing gaps between having an effective team and a successful business. We are set to move you from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you want to generate more revenue, scale your business, improve customer numbers, etc., whatever your business objective is, we will help you achieve it.


HR Consultancy Services

Your Number 1 Job As A CEO Or A Business Owner Is To Get Other People To Help You Take The Business Further. But Now You Are Finding It Tough Getting Your Employees To Do The Work Involved. They Are Not Pulling Their Weight Enough, and are not achieving expected results. Perhaps the way you have been going about their poor performance is not getting results, It's Been Challenging Getting Them To Work Effectively and You Are Fed Up.

Or you have good employees but they are not converting to results. You Just Don't Know What To Do anymore. Then You should seek help. Have Us Work With You



Not achieving your desired business results because your employees are working below expectations and not converting their efforts into results? Let us help you achieve your business targets through our performance management structuring service.

One reason (among others) why performance management systems appear to be ineffective is the way they were designed. They are not usually well structured to achieve business results. If your performance management system is not effective, or you would like us to implement a solution that will ensure your employees' performance improves and the business achieves its set goals, please get in touch now.



What people management challenges are you facing? This is for you if you are looking for a targeted, tangible, customized HR intervention that will address your people management challenges. Our specialized HR solutions are tailored to your unique needs and are designed to boost productivity and influence business outcomes.



For companies in need of training that will improve the performance of their staff so that they can deliver on business goals. Or competency training that will help them achieve their business goals. In what areas of the business are you struggling—service quality, building a high-performance team, getting your employees to apply the right thinking and own their roles, etc.? If you do not train your employees, your ability as an organization or a business to implement your strategic plans and achieve your business targets will be hindered.


One of the biggest challenges organizations and employers have when it comes to having the right talent is that the young workforce is generally not prepared for the world of work, they sometimes lack the competencies and attitude toward acceptable work standards. The skills needed to perform at work are in short supply.

The Work Ready Program is a performance-boosting training program where we work with you to prepare your workforce, whether new hires or existing staff, for the world of work.



Are you unsatisfied with the half-hearted service and poor output from your staff or perhaps you are tired of them lazing around when you are not there?Do you just want your staff to do a proper job or you are tired of them not knowing what to do to meet the expectations of the business? Then set relevant and achievabe targets for your employees. If your employees are to understand the direction of the business and do what is really expected of them, you have to guide them by outlining targets for them. Every job role in the organization should be defined by targets. And the good thing is that employees can actually deliver results if they are guided by targets. If you have been wondering how to set targets for the different job roles in your organization, no need to wonder again, we have got you covered.


10 Days Of Learning How To Generate More Revenue Through Your Employees

Generating more business revenue is one of the major challenges that many people confront, and they are stressed by this issue.

A lot of programs teach you how to improve revenue - sell, market better, attract customers. But without a team and effectively managing them to achieve more, it is difficult to generate and scale more revenue. Your employees are to help further the business, and together achieve set business targets.  

Join the Generate More Revenue Academy built for CEOs, Business Owners, Executives, HRs, Entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to learn how to generate more revenue but this time through their employees. 


What you will be learning in the academy

Knowledge Market

Ready-Made Strategies and Done-For You Templates

Now You Can Improve The Performance Of Your Business, Grow It To New Heights, Effectively Manage Your Staff From Hire To Exit And Everything In Between By Leveraging Our Tools And Resources - Templates, Toolkits,  E-Books, Workbooks, Checklists, And Worksheets.

We Are Continuously Building, Adding Tools And Resources To Help You Or Your Business Get To Where You Need To Be.

Buy, download and modify the strategies/templates to suit your specific needs.

Why use our tools and Resources


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