About us


We help you grow your business and build a team that not only meets expectations but achieves
targets and converts to results.

We run an online academy for business owners, CEOs, HRs, Entrepreneurs, etc, and operate an eMarket where we sell readymade strategies and done-for-you documents.


HR And Its people is aimed at driving businesses to success by helping them achieve their growth objectives and building well-performing teams, that is, teams that achieve results!

We are set to help you move from where you are to where you want to be through our array of products and services:
- Knowledge Market
- HR and Family Business Consulting
- Online Academy

about the founder


My name is Chioma St Gabriel and I am an HR and business growth expert. This means that I help businesses grow and move to the next level through their people

Because if you want to grow or improve the performance of your business you need people and a dependable team at that, and so I help you find solutions that work.

Over the years, I have helped organizations and their teams to achieve their organizational targets having worked on internal projects with Workforce, Mactay, IFS, etc.   

My experience in HR, business operations, driving business strategy, and workforce performance has helped me in providing solutions to SMEs. And I bring to bear my practical work and consulting background on every project I take on.

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