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Two services we can render you on a 1-on-1 basis are:
1. Close Employee Performance Gaps.
2. Boost Business Revenue Through Your Employees
We help you develop job descriptions that speak to your job candidates and employees on what exactly you want from them, what they are supposed to be doing, and in ways that help them do the work you want them to do. 
We develop job descriptions that bridge performance gaps and improve their work output. You will have fewer reasons to shout because now they clearly understand what they are to

We develop job descriptions that are relevant to what they do and directly impacts the job.

These descriptions clearly outline employees’ performance areas, that is, their key result areas, key responsibilities and skills & competencies in clear and simple ways that employees can understand and be able to follow through, in ways that will help them carry out their tasks effectively.

3 Job Descriptions – ₦30,500

5 Job Descriptions – ₦45,500

10 Job Descriptions – N70, 500

Costs are exclusive of tax.

You should get on these offers because they:

  1. Save you time and stress of having to always tell your staff what to do every time.
  1. Helps your staff know exactly what is expected of them and gives them a direction of what to do.

3.They get to clearly understand their responsibilities.

  1. Bridges performance gaps because they now know what is expected of them.

5.They get into their role quickly.

To get started, click the book for a clarity based JD

  • Make payment online or by bank transfer.
  • Once payment is confirmed we will be in touch to understand what the job role is to achieve in line with what your business does.
  • You will be required to send us a written detail.
  • We will develop draft copies of the job descriptions
  • We make adjustments where necessary and send you the final copies.
Are your staff not performing well or do you feel stuck working with people that are performing below expectations but would like a solution-based session?
Then explore the 1-on-1 consultation, a 2 part session where I seek to understand the challenges you are having, identify gaps as to why your staff are working below expectation and provide actionable steps that you should take to improve their output and also impact the business.

In the 1-on-1 session, you will get clarity on how to improve the performance of your staff so that they can begin to achieve the results desired to move the business forward.

You will gain clarity on closing the gaps that you have been struggling with which have been affecting the overall performance of the business.

In this concentrated 1-on-1 session,I will help you reframe the challenges and then come up with a plan to address the challenges, an action plan that will actually close the gaps so that they can achieve targets and also  get them to perform at expected level and beyond.

This cost is a tiny fraction of what I usually charge my consulting clients. You will get personalized answers and an action plan.

So if I were you, I would get on board by clicking the “book 1-on-1″ button. After payment is confirmed, I will be in touch to get you started.

Want us to undertake the entire consulting project from start to finish? Then Build Well-Performing Team is the perfect answer. Where I and my team will undertake the project from start to finish.

Without a dependable team, it is difficult to improve the performance of your business. It is employees that deliver business targets. And that is why it is important to attract the right people and where you miss attracting the right talent there are interventions we will undertake to help them perform and drive results.

If you ever felt unsure about your growth strategy and employees’ performance, or
you just can’t place your hands on what the problem is, let us help you.

Don't know what to choose?

Get on a free 15minutes discovery session with the HR Coach to explain your situation and we will help you decide which plan would work for you and your team.

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