Right now, there are people getting jobs and improving their earnings

There are businesses seeing  tangible results from their staff

There are individuals acquiring skills that organizations seek—skills that are in high demand.

And there are people  thriving in their current job or business venture.


And you are wondering how they are keeping up. 

Let me tell you what they are doing.

They’re acquiring knowledge, but not just any knowledge or skills – they’re investing in the right ones. Skills that employers value, skills that improve income and business outcomes, skills that drive revenue, and skills that enhance staff performance.

So, what should you do?

Here is what you should do if you also want to equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills so that you can thrive in your current job, improve your income, secure a job, make your staff achieve tangible business results, and also impact revenue: Sign up for any of the courses at the Income Growth School that address your needs or interests.



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 It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, which is why we have broken the courses into small bundles. And so you have the option of buying the full courses or in small bundles—a pick-and-pay method which allows you to choose specific topics or modules based on your interest and  needs.

How will feel if…

Enroll at the Income Growth School for courses that teach you:
Skills that organizations are looking for the people who have them
Strategies that get you business results and boost revenue through your staff
Knowledge that will help you increase your income as an employee
Essential skills needed to succeed in various professional environments, whether as an employee or business owner

mEET mE:

Lead Facilitator, IGS

Hello, I’m Chioma St Gabriel, your dedicated partner in improving employees, businesses, and teams. I run the brand  HR And Its People and I am the lead facilitator at the Income Growth School (IGS). I specialize in staff management and income-growth strategies that drive tangible results. 

Experience That Counts:

With a wealth of experience spanning years, I’ve helped organizations and teams achieve their objectives and targets. My background in HR, business operations, strategy development, workforce performance, revenue growth, and organizational structuring has equipped me with the insights to provide effective solutions to SMEs. Drawing from years of practical work and consulting, I bring a blend of hands-on experience and strategic thinking to the table.

I work to empower employees and businesses to flourish. Whether it’s navigating complex staff challenges, optimizing business operations, or devising winning strategies for revenue growth, I’m committed to being your partner on this transformational journey.

Continuous Learning:

I’ve honed my skills through a range of prestigious institutions and training programs. My learning journey includes enriching experiences at the Lagos Business School, Daystar Leadership Academy, Lanre Olushola Academy, Team Building Africa, School of Media & Communication at Pan-Atlantic University, and more. These diverse trainings have equipped me to provide well-rounded solutions that cater to specific employee and business needs.

Therefore, join me at the Income Growth School, where you’ll gain invaluable insights that will propel businesses, individuals, and teams.

I look forward to embarking on this journey of growth with you.

Best regards, Chioma,

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