Many small businesses and some medium size companies do not have a human resource unit and may not need one depending on where they are in terms of business or scale of operations but they sure need people management and growth strategy.

Without this strategy, organizations may not do so well in achieving their set targets. So while you focus on what you do best – sales, marketing, research, branding, design, customer management, etc. we take care of the rest. 

If you are having HR challenges and can’t place your hands on what the problem is or you ever felt unsure about your employees' performance and growth strategy or then you should talk to us and let us partner with you by learning the problem. We then go-ahead to develop a scalable HR solution that’s just right for you.

our Services include:


We just don’t hire people, we hire the right people. People with the right competence, skills, attitude and motivation to work for your kind of business.

Building high impact team

You need a team that will help achieve business objectives, a team that impacts business bottom-line. If you are looking for this kind of team then talk to us today.

New HR Dept. setup / Reset existing HR Dept

Help you set up a new strategic department or reset your existing department to drive high performance, impact business result and improve revenue generation.

Need to set up a new HR department, a strategic one or you need help resetting your HR unit because they are not meeting expectations? Let’s help you build or rebuild your HR team that constantly drives business goals.

Helping family-owned transition to the next generation

Helping family-owned and family-run businesses transition to the next generation by creating their own Transition Blueprint – A succession plan, a roadmap fit for you and your family, developed with your unique situation in mind that you and your family can follow through to implementation.

A great number of business owners want their businesses transferred to the next generation but some do not have an actionable plan in place, others lack the strategies required to implement succession planning which usually results in the collapse of the family business after the exit or death of the founder. But it does not have to be so.

If you lack a concrete plan for the future, or have just minimal talk about retirement or exiting the business, then you should consider putting a succession plan in place at the very least. It is crucial to the future success of the business and the family and helps you transition out of the business without difficulty.

For your business to outlive you, and pass on to your heirs, family, or the next generation, then you need a transition roadmap that you can follow through to implementation when you are ready.

It does not matter when you want the next generation to take over, whether in 10 years, 5 years, or 1 year, together, we will work with you to develop your own transition blueprint – a roadmap, carefully tailored and fit for purpose so that you and your family can work towards the day you would hand over or if the unexpected happens

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