10 Days of Learning Staff Management Strategies That Work

Classes begin on September 20, 2023.

Get The Results that you want from knowing how to effectively manage your staff, from hiring to exiting and everything in-between

What is Staff Management Academy

It is an online program that teaches you how to get the results you want from your staff

It is set up to bridge the gaps that are needed to manage employees better so that they can produce the results needed in Business

It provides you with The Knowledge and Skills To manage the people aspect of your business more Effectively

overall, help you get better results in your business

Managing people has got to be one of the Most challenging Aspects of running or managing a business

Staffing: You have to deal with finding and hiring the RIGHT people into the business
You are overwhelmed with staff-related challenges
You want to ensure that you get meaningful results from them
You strategize on how to retain valuable team members
There is also the part of dealing with attitude and behavior issues
You are faced with concerns about performance and the desire for a productive team that simply gets the job done as expected
And More

Sometimes you feel like you are stuck working with the wrong people, you feel frustrated with your staff to the point that you just want to fire all of them and start all over. but you are afraid that you may get it wrong. You wonder how things will improve and what to do to get it right. What you desire is to take the business to the next level with the right people but you don't know how


It is designed to equip you with practical solutions. you will gain the skills and knowledge to navigate these challenges, and you will get to learn how to effectively manage your staff and your business more successfully

8 Course Modules / Topics To Address Your Staff Management Challenges
1. How to ATTRACT and HIRE the RIGHT people
2. Building a well-performing team
3. How to get your staff to take initiative so that they can reduce the burden on you
4. How to set up your people operations structure so that staff can contribute their best to the success of the business
5. How to achieve in your business the kind of results top performing businesses have
6. Improve your staff retention rate and reduce the way people exit the business
7. Understanding GenZs so you can manage them better
8. Reducing staff-related risks that are impacting the business negatively
Investment Fee =N25,000
You can pay in installments

Employees are the backbone of any business, and the future of the business is dependent on the type of people you have in your company and how you manage them.

Imagine having a team that takes initiative, reduces your burden, and delivers outstanding results, all while contributing to the success of the business. Don’t’ let staff issues continue to drain you and the business. Join the academy.

Upgrade your staff management skills

The academy is designed specifically for business owners, CEOs, employers, job seekers, and those who oversee employees like you.

take advantage of this amount. After this batch, the price will go up!


Classes run from 20th-30th September

The will be live and prerecorded classes
-you don't have to worry about missing a class-

Channels - Selar, email and Telegram

Certificates shall be issued to all participants upon completion of the course



Limited Seats Available – Secure Your Spot Today!

Early commitment has its rewards! Enroll today to engage in valuable discussions, and prepare yourself for the transformation that awaits.

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1. Employees who Want to make impact on their jobs and add the kind of value organizations seek when it comes to staff management

2. You own or manage a business and would like to improve on all fronts when it comes to staff matters

3. You have staff (even if its only one) and want to know how to manage them more effectively

4. You are about to make your first hire and want to start well

5. Job seekers who want to get into staff management-related roles or want to improve their people management skills and knowledge so they can get another job

6. Employers can also Enroll their Employees For This Course

No matter your industry, the size and type of your business or the number of employees you have, or are about to make your first hire, join the academy and attain that level of success so desired.

Meet Me : Your Guide To Transformative Staff Management And Business Growth

Hello, I’m Chioma St Gabriel, your dedicated partner in improving your business and team. As the Lead Performance Consultant at HR And Its People, I specialize in staff management and revenue generation strategies that drive tangible results. I also offer our signature course, ‘Increase Your Revenue Through Your Staff,’ a program that has already empowered over 400 participants.

Experience That Counts:

With a wealth of experience spanning years, I’ve helped organizations and teams achieve their objectives and targets. My background in HR, business operations, strategy development, workforce performance and organizational structuring has equipped me with the insights to provide effective solutions to SMEs. Drawing from years of practical work and consulting, I bring a blend of hands-on experience and strategic thinking to the table.

I work to empower businesses like yours to flourish. Whether it’s navigating complex staff challenges, optimizing business operations, or devising winning strategies for revenue growth, I’m committed to being your partner on this transformational journey. 

Continuous Learning:

I’ve honed my skills through a range of prestigious institutions and training programs. My learning journey includes enriching experiences at the Lagos Business School, Daystar Leadership Academy, Lanre Olushola Academy,  Team Building Africa, School of Media & Communication at Pan-Atlantic University, Phillips Consulting, DSI and more. These diverse trainings has equipped me to provide well-rounded solutions that cater to your specific business needs. 

Therefore join me at the Staff Management Academy, where you’ll gain invaluable insights that will propel your business and team. 

Looking forward to embarking on this journey of growth with you.

Best regards, Chioma

What i am saying is that if you join the academy and implement what i will be teaching you, you will definitely get results from your staff and in your business!

Pay the sum of N25,000 into :
Name of account : HR And Its People
Account No : 540345195
Bank : Providus
Then send evidence of payment to 07012207772 on Whatsapp

You can pay in 2 or 3 installments
To Pay 2 Times :
pay N13,500 now and N13, 000 later = N26,500 in total

To Pay 3 Times
pay N10,000 now , N9000 later and N8500 later = N27,500 in total

Please note that full payment shall be made before you can gain access to the class.
To pay in installments, kindly pay the first installment into HR And Its People, Providus Bank - 540345195
Then send proof of payment with you name to [email protected]

**** If you have made advanced payment and you want to cancel without making the complete payment, you will be charged the sum of N2500. Your balance after deduction will be sent to you within 7 working days.
If you have any questions or need further clarifications, i would be more than willing to answer.


1. certificates will be issued to all participants at the end of the training
2. you can access the course at anytime most convenient for you.

3. the classes will be available for 6 months. You can access it anytime within this 6 months.
4. You can Pay 2 or 3 Times. However, Full payment must be made before you can access the training.