You can’t always get it right when it comes to hiring and retaining them, its hardly a 100%, you win some you loose some. However to achieve more wins in attracting the right people into your business and reducing the way people leave, their are strategies you have to put in place. This course provides you the kind of strategies needed to tackle this challenge. By Implementing these strategies you will very well attract and retain the kind of people who want to work in your business.   

Gain instant access to the training that provides you with actionable strategies and downloadable resources that you can implement immediately to start seeing results

Purchase The 51 minutes video training - a 3 parts video to learn what you need to do to attract the Right Persons and What You Should Be Doing To Retain Your Staff

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You Can Purchase The Training + Downloadable Resources For N15000

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 Hiring The Right People And Retaining Them Are One Of The Biggest Challenges If Not The Biggest Of Many Small And Growing Business.

The Worst
Is, Hire Them Today And Tomorrow they are done. 

Well, not to worry, this course and the other resources have been designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to attract, hire, and retain the right people who can work for you.


As a manager or business owner, chances are, money is tight and you have a lot on your plate, there is so much struggling for your finances and so the quality of the new hire is critical. There are many things to consider when hiring a new employee so that you are attracting the right people into your business but this is difficult - to find the right person is a problem, to retain them is also another challenge. you hire them today, before you know it they leave , you have tried all you think there is but you wish things were better. How long will you continue like this? Ahh No, things have to change.

Finding the right people, managing the and retaining them is not “beans” and can be frustrating especially when you keep trying to get it right

This is not the time to give up saying, “this is how all these staff behave or let them go naa if they want to go…” 

If you do not check this, it will be hurting your business

You Will Discover The Strategies For Attracting The Right People Into Your Business

You Will Learn The Mistakes Employers Make When It Comes To Attracting The Right people, Especially the Younger Generation And What We Can Do About Them

You Will Understand Why Small Businesses Will Experience A Lack Of Good Candidates

You Will Be Given The Keys To Hiring The Right People That Will Work For You So That You Make Less Mistake

You Will Understand The Reasons Why Employees Leave So You Can Make Informed Decision That Will Help improve Your hiring and retention rate

Retention Plan Vs Replacement Plan And More


14 Downloadable Resources Including Templates, Guides and Forms
For N7,500

1. Employee Retention Worksheet

2. How You Can Reduce The Rate At Which Staff Resign And Keep Your Bes People

3. Recruitment Plan For Better Hiring

4. Stay Interviews As To Reduce The Way People Leave

5. Practices That Improve Employee Retention

6. New Hire Budget Template

7. New Hire 30-60-90 Dyas Evaluation Form

8. Checklist For Successful Hiring

9. Guide To Hiring New Employees plus Internal Job Application Form and

10. Background Screening Application Form

11. Recruitment Process : Pre, During And Post Recruitment

12. Previous Employment Verification Form

13. Signs About A Candidate That You Should Not Ignore

14. Red Flags To Common Interview Questions

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